Privacy Policy

E-mail Addresses
We do have a mailing list, which you can join if you want to receive discounts and special offers, but we do not share your information, and will not email you our newsletters/offers without your express permission. We respect our customers and do not send out spam or divulge email addresses (see below for more information on spam).

Mailing List

We do maintain a mailing list of customers who regularly purchase our pies. Our mailing list is used to provide our regular customers with information about new products, upcoming events, and seasonal specials. You may request to be placed on our mailing list if you would like to receive our updates and notification of any special discounts. If you want your name removed from the mailing list, just reply and ask to be removed and we will do so. If you change your email address or want notifications sent to additional addresses, we will gladly update your information or add the additional addresses. (See below for more information on spam)

Fraud or Dishonest Transactions

Our business does not have the resources to absorb fraudulent transactions. We will pursue and prosecute any person or entity who intentionally engages in fraudulent activity with our company.

Unsolicited Spam Email

If you have received email from an address that is not an invoice, delivery confirmation, reply or a subscription newsletter, it is not from us. We respect our customers and do not send out spam or divulge email addresses. Spammers use "robot" machines or "address miners" to surf the web and find the return address of legitimate businesses, then use that return address to send out spam so they can get past the spam filters. Spammers also purchase and sell mailing lists with hundreds of thousands of email addresses and if you received one of their emails, your email address is most certainly on one of their lists. The laws protecting businesses and consumers from this practice has not caught up with the technology and much of the spam originates from servers in third world countries where US laws and authorities have no jurisdiction. Spammers don’t care how they make their money or who they hurt. When we send out an email, we use our true return address. If you are still in doubt if an email came from us or not, just call us at (646) 338-6812 (Mon-Fri 10-6 US eastern time) and we will be glad to let you know if we sent it. We apologize if you have received mail that is not from us.