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Press Links

Tasting Table
"Not-So-Humble Pie"

August 2014

The Food Network Blog
"First Prize Pies: Off the Shelf"

July 2014

"10 Cookbooks for Summer"

May 2014

Leite's Culinaria
"Smore's Pie"

May 2014

The Kitchn
"First Prize Pies by Allison Kave"

May 2014

Baking Bites
"First Prize Pies"

May 2014

Montreal Gazette
"Food Chat Recap: First Prize Pies"

May 2014

The Splendid Table
"Rhubarb Frangipane Pie"

April 2014

A Cozy Kitchen
"Creamsicle Chiffon Pie"

April 2014

Fine Cooking
"Books that Cook: First Prize Pies"

April 2014

Blondie & Brownie
"First Prize Pies' Banoffee Pie"

April 2014

Eat Your Words (Heritage Radio Network)
"First Prize Pies with Allison Kave"

March 2014

Design Sponge
"In the Kitchen With: Allison Kave's Shaker Citrus Pie"

March 2014

Lottie & Doof
"Pineapple Pie"

March 2014

Baking Society
"A Simple and Lovely Salty Caramel Pie Recipe"

March 2014

Honest Cooking
"How to Make the Perfect Pie Crust: Advice for Non-Bakers"

March 2014

PBS Food
"This Month's Best New Cookbooks"

March 2014

"It's National Pi(e) Day, So Here's A Samoa Pie Recipe, Because Why Not?"

March 2014

Red Book Magazine
"Nutella. Pie. Chocolate Cookie Crust. Need We Say More?"

March 2014

"3 Tips to Baking a Better Pi(e) Crust"

March 2014

Town & Country
"An Indulgent Take on High Tea: Chocolate Lavender Pie"

March 2014

Handpicked Nation
"Allison Kave - First Prize Pies"

March 2014

The Brooklyn Paper
"Bake and Shake: Baker Combines Cocktails and Pies"

March 2014

Serious Eats
"Bake the Book: First Prize Pies"

March 2014

Eater National
"First Look: Allison Kave's First Prize Pies Cookbook"

February 2014

Bon Appetit
"The Best Mail-Order Pies Across the Country"

November 2012

New York Magazine
"Nineteen Pies for Pumpkin-Haters""

November 2012

Time Out New York
"The Best Pies for the Holidays"

November 2012

The New York Times
"Many Fleas, Growing Market"

27 October 2012

Serious Eats: New York
"Smorgasburg: Some Serious Food That Somehow Has Gone Unnoticed
(Until Now)

22 June 2012

"Talking Turkey, and Thanksgiving Economics,
with Dana Cowin of Food & Wine"

18 November 2011

The New York Times
"Ordering Thanksgiving Pies from Artisanal Bakers"

14 November 2011

Food and Wine
"Fall's Best Pie Recipes: The Pleasures of Pie"

November 2011

Time Out New York

31 October 2011

Wall Street Journal: Speakeasy Blog
"Top Desserts Compete at Sweet"

1 October 2011

Grub Street New York
"Michael Laiskonis Picks New York's Finest Pie"

16 August 2011

New York Magazine
"The Great Cheap Outdoors"

10 July 2011

Food. Curated.
"First Prize Pies"

1 June 2011

NBC's Nonstop Foodies
"The Sweet Life"

16 March 2011

Time Out New York
"Pie Flavors in NYC"

20-26 January 2011

The Cooking Channel
FoodCrafters: Holiday

November 2010

The Cooking Channel
Food(ography): Pies

November 2010

The New York Times Magazine
"Recipe Redux - Raspberry Vinegar: 1900"

28 July 2010

Food & Wine Magazine
"F&W's Favorite Places for Pie"

August 2010

New York Magazine
"Minisize Me"

11 July 2010

New York Magazine
"The Cheap List: Sweet Spots"

11 July 2010

Metromix New York
"Quirky Summer Pies in NYC"

1 July 2010

Restaurant Girl
"Best Of: New York's Most Prized Pies"

7 June 2010

NYC Food Guy
"Best Bite of the Week: First Prize Pies S'mores Pie"

21 May 2010

Serious Eats
"First Prize Pies and Four and Twenty Blackbirds: Will NYC Get the Pie it Deserves?"

18 May 2010

The Moment - New York Times' T Magazine Blog
"Now Baking: First Prize Pies's S'mores Pie"

17 May 2010

New York Times
"Restaurant Review: Fatty 'Cue"

11 May 2010

Cool Hunting
"A Mother and Child Reunion"

7 May 2010

Time Out New York
"Restaurant Review: Fatty 'Cue"

6 May 2010

Serious Eats
"Get to Know a Piemaker: Allison Kave, First Prize Pies"

5 May 2010

Serious Eats
"Fatty 'Cue: Brooklyn Barbecue Goes Asian"

27 April 2010

Tasting Table
"Winner's Circle - First Prize Pies: From Bake-Off to Business"

26 April 2010

New York Post
"Super Markets"

24 April 2010

Fork in the Road - Village Voice Blog
"Fat Pants Fridays - First Prize Pies' Peanut Butter Pretzel Pie"

16 April 2010

Blondie and Brownie
"First Prize Pies are Completely Awesome"

7 April 2010

Daily Candy
31 March 2010

Heritage Radio Network - Hot Grease
Interview with Nicole Taylor

22 March 2010